Chill out dude, Deuces on the Rocks' 4000-coin straight flush

The end of the world isn't keeping a timely schedule it seems. In the game of Deuces on the Rocks there's only one way to survive the next ice melt-down. Up to 100 hand can make this melt away your bigger stakes, so be sure to keep it at the lowest stakes allowed.
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Deuces on the Rocks, Four 2s pays up to 1000 coins

Feel the cold hand of fate determine your poker hands while playing Deuces on the Rocks. This game can play as many as 100 hands at once while you chose the main hand picks and holds for a potential Royal Flush win of 4000x the amount staked. Chilly now isn't it?

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Hidden among the frozen wasteland of Antarctica, you better play this before the greenhouse effect melts away any possible wins. There's still hope however in the poker hands held in Deuces on the Rocks. Stake at first, a subtle 10 cent wager per coin with options to play 5 coins at one hand. Select between 1 or up to 100 hands per round. Your main hand allows the holds with an added bonus of cards that are already held which might increase your winning potential.

These are mirrored onto the rest of hand played as well. A Royal Flush is worth 4000 coins over your total stake. The pay table is pretty flexible with many combinations that may win with pairs, three of a kind and more standard poker hands. Have some hot chocolate on hand to keep you warm while this thaw gets underway. Have fun chipping out some wins!

When the Ice Age isn't the next best solution to freezing these assets, you can also find some chilling wins in these poker hands collectively. Stay warm with a whiskey coffee!
Pick your cards in Deuces on the Rocks for multiple chances to win each hand, and try your hand at up to 100 hands at a time. It's time to chill!