Dennis Rodman awards payouts while negotiating peace in North Korea

This rep, plus the slot’s subtitle “The Worm’s World,” should give the player some idea of what Dennis Rodman: The Video Slot is all about. Namely, Rodman’s ego.
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Dennis Rodman online video slot -- Based on the former NBA star

Not-so-ironically LCD started playing this one the same day “The Worm” was in court on battery charges, ultimately getting a sentence of 36 months probation, 45 days of roadside cleanup work, one year of domestic violence counseling, six months in a drug-and-alcohol treatment program, and a warning from the bench that “If I hear or see in the news that you have committed any more crimes ... you will go to jail.” Why not ironic? Because Rodman, once known as the fiercest rebounder in the NBA (and thus anywhere in the world) and key component of five championship teams with the likes of Isaiah Thomas and Michael Jordan, has maintained celebrity status by ... being Dennis Rodman.

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Nearly every symbol is Rodman himself geared up in one outlandish outfit after another. No five championship rings (and shockingly no ever-popular “bling bling”-type symbol, either). No reference to glory days in Detroit, San Antonio or Chicago on the reels, though the bonus round does have ol’ Tennis Ball Head’s back sporting the familiar black-and-reds of Windy City basketball. Almost no sport at all, really, except for the autographed basketballs that trigger bonuses. It’s a blur of narcissism, really.

None of this is to imply that Vegas Technology hasn’t produced a quality bit of work here, however: The game is quick, the sound effects and music are excellent, and Rodman indeed has, um, an interesting visage. Fascinating, even.

All in all, despite the potential limited audience for the game and its probable existence as royalty to pay legal fees, Dennis Rodman is, like the man himself, quite a piece of work. 

Note to Vegas Tech programmers: Should Dennis Rodman 2 be in the works, be sure to incorporate this shot of The Worm in his courtside duds, eh?
"The Worm's World" it may be, but Vegas Tech finds gold in the narcissism...