Travel down below the depths, to uncover some serious Deep Sea Dosh

Deep Sea Dosh is a marvellous little classic slot. Marvellous in that it not only has a bonus round, but that this three reeled, one payline slot also has a non-progressive jackpot of 500 coins, which could be worth as much a £5,000 in real money. Players also have the ability to hold, nudge and shift when playing, as well as gamble, of course.
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The Deep Sea Dosh classic slot game by Microgaming – A simple one-liner with a sunken bonus round

Another one of Microgaming’s simple classic slots, Deep Sea Dosh lives up to its name, with its aquatic mermaid (or mermen, even) theme, and it’s somewhat lavish non-progressive jackpot. This slot machine game also features sharks, fish and crabs, as well as fruit in a slot whose reels only occupy a small part of the actual game screen.

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Gamers can enjoy playing Deep Sea Dosh from a floor wager of only 0.10 per spin. Wealthier players might make stakes of up to 10.00 at the ceiling, though even that is not out of the range of the standard classic slot player.

As any player might expect with a classic slot, there are no wild icons, scatter symbols, free spin symbols or multiplier icons. Though, there is a bonus round that is particularly amusing. In the bonus round, Neptune will sink the reels and offer the player a selection of chests, only to take some away. He’ll make the player an offer, which can either be accepted or declined. The player can reject offers a number of times, or accept the final chest and what lies inside it.

The slot might appear a little confusing at first, but that will soon pass as play is begun for the first time. The main reels are centred in the bottom of the screen, whilst the bonus game is located on top of that. The pay table is located on the right of the two game screens, with a few of the games special features located on the right, such as the nudges and gamble features.
A deep sea themed, big prize winning classic slot