Sharpen your sword fighting skills in D’Artagnan slot game

Feeling a little lonely tonight? Join this hip group and become the 5th Musketeer! Even if it’s just for fun, you can still see up to 1000 bucks return for a jackpot win. It’s just a penny slot on these reels so there is little chance you’ll lose faith in these guys. Make a swooshing spin at this slot every time.
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d'Artagnan video slot -- Casino game based on Three Musketeers

If you know who the 3 Musketeers are then you may know who D’Artagnan is. He is sometimes called the 4th Musketeer or even the Captain. Here he’s just a tag-along for this trio who is fighting for justice in France. Play among them and you can possibly win up to 1000 bucks on the way.

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Wow! Swordfighting Frenchmen, King Louis, a bonus game, and lots of great spins in store for you as well. This slot pretty much has it all. Including 25 paylines that will be the start of your game.

You should decide how many and how much you will wage to make this battle worth your while. Bets start at 2 cents per payline. This is still considered a penny slot? With so much action it makes even D’Artagnan proud to feel he’s part of the 3 Musketeers.

Now here’s the best info. The Crown is your key to everything. It acts as the joker here (no joke) spreading over the 2nd and 4th reels. When it hits it will cover the entire reel. The carriage symbols with 5 in a line start the Intrigue at the Court bonus game. Two dueling icons in a steady combination will begin the By the Hills and Valley game.

Load up on some great wins with a chance for fighting under King Louis and the famous 3 Musketeers! Justice starts with winning every battle you take from each spin!
The only thing they haven’t done lately is a good 3 Musketeers film