Batman tracks Bane to casino in Dark Knight Rises online slot game

The Justice League’s most popular member gets a third big-budget online slot game named in his honor. In The Dark Knight Rises slot, take on Bane (or Batman!) to earn free spins and multipliers while crushing the super-powered opposition, all backgrounded with animated clips from the flick.
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The Dark Knight Rises online slot game – With 1.78 million-coins

Warning: this is a comic-book lover here writing – so non-geeks may wish to skip this paragraph. In the war within the public consciousness between Marvel and DC Comics superheroes, the former’s way out on top thanks to the slick production of a string of blockbuster movies. Sure, DC kills it in cartoon land, but even in the old print medium, the owners of Batman are taking serious s*** for their editorial moves. In any case, Microgaming reenters the online casino-set fray – in which, believe it or not, Marvel via Playtech has a major headstart, particularly with the slick Iron Man and Incredible Hulk video slots – with the Dark Knight Rises, a big-budget online slot based on the huge-budget DC superhero flick. So how does this one stand up…?

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As with so many of their franchise-name (and really most any) online slots, Microgaming has outfitted The Dark Knight Rises with the “243 Ways to Win” feature, i.e. any three like symbols in the first three reels automatically form a payline (and thus a payout).

The reels are populated with all the characters from the flick, including dull-as-dishwater antagonist Bane, the Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, proto-Robin and a couple other second bananas. On wins, highlights and sound bites from the film play.

The bonus features are the key factor in the argument for Dark Knight Rises’ status as best DC Comics-based slot game and/or a top title from the superhero universe. After any spin, Batman and Bane may come on-screen to duke it out for a few rounds. Each landed hit will accumulate free spins and bonus multipliers for either hero or villain; these may be collected during the free spins round awarded for three scatters on a single spin.

Also randomly triggered is the “Symbol Scramble” feature which by the name seems to be The Riddler’s donation to the game: This one shuffles the landed symbols on a losing spin to form winning combinations.

For the free spins round in The Dark Knight Rises slot, the player may choose between adding the “rolling reels” (actually cascading wins in the Bejeweled fashion) and “split wilds,” the latter of which divides a wild in two for a six-reel payline.

All in all, pretty decent stuff if nothing too innovative – and now we’ll wait for the inevitable “Man of Steel” slot…

It says here the top jackpot payout in Microgaming’s Dark Knight Rises online slot game is 1.78 million coins – now that’s a haul truly worthy of the Joker himself...
Who else can’t wait for the Batman vs Superman online slot? (Probably good for a, what, July 2016 release...?