Hey, (cyber)stud, come check out this poker...

Cyberstud Poker: Like video poker except with a dealer; like Pai Gow but with five cards; like blackjack, but poker-style...
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Cyberstud poker

With elements of poker, pai gow, video poker and blackjack, Cyberstud Poker is one intriguing online casino table game. Can your five-card stud hand beat the dealer's? How confident are you? Big wins on big hands are possible in Cyberstud Poker, after all...

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In Cyberstud Poker the player wagers before the deal, and is dealt a hand of five cards face up. Dealer gets a single card face up. Player must then decide whether to stay or fold. Staying requires the player to double the original ante.

Player wins if his/her hand beats the dealer's, or if the dealer has a "non-qualifying" hand of at least ace-king high.

Cyberstud Poker is an interesting take on poker-themed table games. Can your poker hand beat the dealer's if you see one of his cards? Bet on it (or don't)!
Two hands dealt, one wins