Players can now play the popular game Cubis for real money!

Cubis is based on the popular online game of the same name. Although it features no reels, 15 paylines are incorporated into this very unusual slot machine game. There is the potential to win up to a massive 10,000 coins with the non-progressive jackpot in this game.
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Cubis slot game – No reels, just cubes, you couldn’t ask for a more original style of play

Cubis is a very unique and original type of slot machine, that doesn’t feature any reels at all. The theme of this slot, as one might have guessed, is cubes, and plenty of them. This revolutionary gameplay involves having a base, which slowly features cubes dropping down onto it. When a player matches up cubes (three or more) they disappear and winnings are paid out.

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There is a very vast scope for wagering in this game. Cubis allows players to choose coins from 0.01 up to 20.00 in value, with a total of 1 coin per line. The cheapest a player can play this slot is therefore only 0.01, whilst at its most expensive, it can cost upwards of 300.00 a pop.

There are a number of special features worked into the design of this game. Players can accumulate wild symbols and multipliers whilst playing. The grey dice offers both of these features, as it doubles as a line multiplier and a substitute symbol. Other nifty features include a square bomb that destroys 25 cubes, making way for new cubes to drop down, and there three types of these bombs in general that players can find, to enhance their chances of winning big.

Any gamer fancying something different will almost certainly want to have a look at this slot. If you’ve played the original Cubis before, you’ll find yourself quickly into the game. Players who have never tried it will need time to get understand how it all works, but it isn’t that complicated and definitely worth a shot.
A great new way to play slots, cheap and with a hefty jackpot...