Avast, mateys, and roll those virtual dice!

A neat dice game has been turned into a nifty casino game as well: Throw the bones in Crown and Anchor...
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Crown and Anchor - a popular casino dice betting game

An online casino game that's based on dice throwing, Crown and Anchor is an intriguing game of chance once played only on the high seas and now available in the comfort of your own home.

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The game is simple. The player will get three dice to roll. The dice faces are marked with club, diamond, heart, spade, crown and anchor symbols. Before rolling the dice, the player places up to three markers on symbols on a board to the right, trying to guess the outcome of his/her throw.

After the dice roll, one match pays out at 1:1 odds, two matches pay 2:1, and three matches pay 3:1. Four rolls make up a single game.

Formerly a game of the rough 'n' tumble on the high seas, Crown and Anchor is now installed at your favorite online casino.
Aaarrrrrrr! I told you scurvy dogs I could play this game!