The underworld is ready to be exploited for cash in the Crime Pays slot

Track down the killer in this detective thriller slot. When you see that Crime Pays for real, you'll be back for more. Try the Crime Pays slot which covers 50 lines, and stakes you can totally go undercover for. There's three bonus extras you can win, plus much more.
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Avenge a brother and win 50 grand in this incredible Crime Pays bonus round

Dark and dirty, and similar to some creepy Batman film, the Crime Pays slot is worth the hunt for criminal wins. Interactive mixing allows you to enter a Mastermind bonus that can award up to 50 grand or more. Low-roller stakes mixing with hi-roller feeling keep this game hot!

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Unlike most of the titles that you see from this slot game designer, the Crime Pays slot departs from the sugary-sweet Wizard of Oz and Star Trek themes. This 5-reel give every player a shot at some heart-pounding spins and perhaps more than 50 grand that can be discovered and won in the bonus round hunt!

From the get-go you choose to cover the 50 mandatory paylines with a spread of stakes. These are as simple as 50 cents up to 400 bucks a total spin! Much like the normal games, the Wild aids in the sub-symbol department.

It also can be a huge winner at max stakes for 40 grand for a top payout over a whole completed line. The reels symbol include some rather criminal looking weapons and assorted underworld goodies. What you'll be looking for mostly is the Crime Pays symbols which only show up as single words. They can land on the 1st and 3rd reel together to trigger some related pay when the appropriate 5th reel symbol also lands in a single spin.

There are three features to look for. The free spin, the mastermind, and the  crime spree. Any of these launch extras, however only the Mastermind bonus is your chance to win 50 grand or more if you solve a search for the killer. It's also interactive, so anyone else playing the slot can raise the stakes of the prize money in that feature. Good hunting!

Not every game do you have the sound of dripping water and strange whispers coming from nowhere. Don't be afraid, the demo game isn't going to hurt you...
Crime Pays online slot game: Creepy, dark, and seriously entertaining for a 5-reel slot. Check this out!