Take a bite out of crime with the Crime City 4-reel slot game.

The days of gangsters and mollies are back with a whole new bag of tricks. As if playing Crime City 4-reel slot isn't already a different take on slots, you can split the spins over an extra 26 reel for a multi-spin effect. Steal these reels already!
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200x jackpot payout for the lucky criminal playing Crime City slot

What can you expect from a 3-reel when it comes to breaking the law? You'll just have to find out with the Crime City slot game, with a fourth reel added just for the extra winning potentials. This can be set to play up to 26 times on smaller reels as well.

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Ready to play something different? The Crime City slot isn't the average 3-reel at all. It can be set to play with the 4-reels (as seen), and have the added extra thrill of using up to 26 extra reels to have a bigger impact for any win gained. Thus making the game more dynamic than usual. The jackpot pays just 200x the jackpot amount, so more than one reel played at a time can increase other possible wins wagered.

The wager amounts luckily are very honest for coin stakes. Bet from 20 cents up to a whole 5 dollars per spin. As this is a single line slot, you can spread it around using smaller stakes productively enough. Any win will offer a gamble game which you might want to play or not. Chances are, you'll try it anyway since it looks fun and can add more potential loot to your bag of goodies. And who says crime doesn't pay?

You'll love the sense of danger on every spin, when this new crime wave hits the reels. Crime City slot is packing the heat of big wins.
Crime City online slot game: Try to stay ahead of the law; here's how to beat the system easier...