Crazy Camel Cash, an online slot game set in Egypt (presumably)

In Rival Gaming-produced Crazy Camel Cash, a slot game that for some reason might produce cravings in smokers or reformed smokers, try for three dromedaries on the single payline for a big 2,000-coin jackpot.
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In Rival's Crazy Camel Cash, an Arab in a cool pair of green shades and a logo spin off from the Joe Camel cigarettes ad for slot players who like to spin and smoke. [Are we talking about tobacco here? – Ed.] Otherwise the Persian carpets, camels, gold cups, and palm trees are your usual, stereotypical symbols in this Arabian-themed camel contest. Play the paytable in 1, 2 or 3 coins mode with the highest payout being 2000 with 3 camels on the center line when betting in the top tier in this traditional, one-payliner. Oh, and the bar symbols, as well, don’t forget those plus any two camels spun on the reels will become wild, multiplying wins by 3. The Middle Eastern soundtrack is a great deal of fun and includes enough magical flute and pipe instrumentation to charm any fortuitous snake from out of its hole. As Joe Strummer once said, “Rock the Casbah!”

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Crazy Camel Cash is a dry desert terrain of a slot just released by Rival Gaming, with a few particulars worth noting.

Also of note in Crazy Camel Cash slot game: Bar symbols plus any two camels spun on the reels become wild and multiplying wins by three. One slick and fun game for those into the fruit machine-style slots.
Rock the Casbah in Crazy Camel Cash slot