This isn't silly for a jackpot of 400 coins when you play Crazy 7 3-reel.

You would have to be crazy not to try this wacky 3-reel slot game. With nothing but Crazy 7's roaming around these reels, it's no wonder the game is called what it is. Top wins can pay-out 2 grand if you like to be crazy enough to wage 15 bucks per spin, then again just go crazy!
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Magic colors come alive in the Crazy 7 slot game!

What the heck is going on here? All these Crazy 7s don't add-up! Well guess what kids, they in fact do! With a tempting taste of 3-reel spins worth a whole 400-coin jackpot ... Well, it does have lucky sevens and the game is quite crazy. Try it and see what your lucky number is...

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Playtech usually has some interesting games with a few surprises left for the ones who are quite Crazy 7 slots isn't just a 3-reel with a bunch of 7's floating around randomly, these have Crazy 7's everywhere! Red, green, blue, and purple sevens roll randomly on these reels. All you have to do is match any three colors in order to win, no big secret there!

Play up to 3 coins with denominations of just 5 cents up to 5 dollars per coin amount. The max amount that can be waged is 15 bucks per spin which may sound crazy, thus the game has the potential to award up to 2 grand for the top jackpot win if you are lucky enough.

Indeed the style of this 3-reel is very retro 60s with a psychedelic design for the graphics. Playtech did a very nice job in recreating the look and feel of those days in the Crazy 7 slot game itself. There is no bonus round or wilds found on this game though you won't need them much since the game itself is crazy enough. Get mellow with Crazy 7's and see these colors connect!

Feel like playing a 3-reel that's all about the number 7? Here you go, it's crazy enough to win something too! Low rollers can play for as little as 5 cents a spin.
Don't just go nuts, get a little crazy with Crazy 7's!