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The Playtech Craps Game offers a 3D graphics casino environment with an audible dealer voice and casino sound effects. The dice are easy to see and the game has special features that make playing straight-forward and practical like a ticker that shows a summary of bets won and lost.
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Special expert features for adjusting the game according to your preference

Online casino games like Craps are available and waiting for virtual players to join the tables. Our directory provides Craps players with a veritable pick of games for their choosing. Playtech’s Craps game is appealing except for the annoying, “They are coming out” voice before the dice are thrown. Otherwise, the game is of high quality visually and the sound effects are great as well. A special feature is a ticker above the table that shows a summary of each bet won or lost. While playing multiple bets, this is quite helpful. The house edge is 0.47% on the ‘pass and come’ and 0.46 on ‘the don’t pass’ and ‘don’t come’. 5% commission is charged on winnings for buy and lay bets. Craps has one of the best bets with the lowest house edge of any other casino games.

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Playing craps enables players to grow with the game to ever greater challenges with various types of bets that can be played. However, the game can grow on players who at first just begin with the basic bets. In Playtech’s Craps game players play against the bank. In fact, most casino craps games are played against the bank except for Live Dealer Craps Games where players play against other players.

The basic rules and strategy make is possible for newbies to start out slow and perfect their game. A “puck” which top side would either be black (OFF) or white (ON). If it is white the game is ongoing, if black, the game has not started yet. Craps is a game of rounds and the game starts when the ‘shooter’ rolls the dice which is called the ‘come out roll’. If a 7 or an 11 is rolled, it is an automatic win for the shooter.

The dice is kept by the shooter then for another ‘come out roll’. If he shoots a 2, 3 or a 12 the game is automatically lost which is called, ‘Craps’. The shooter still gets the dice, however, and the real game begins to decide if the player wins. The puck will be placed on the table or ‘point’ that corresponds with the number rolled on the dice. When the game starts the rules will change, rolling a 7 is the last number you want to roll, however, 7 wins on come out roll and loses if point was already established.

The shooter will keep rolling until you roll the point again or if the 7 comes out. You win if the 7 comes out before the point. Place bets on different areas of the table, the can be broad bets as in ‘win or lose’, or there can be specific like Snake Eyes or Craps. The more specific the bet, the higher the payout, while the broader payouts tend to pay out evenly, some basic beginner bets include: the Pass Line Bet, the Come Line Bet and the Odds Bet. Pass line bet is required and is when players bet for a 7 or 11 during the come out roll. Numbers 2, 3 or 12 will result in a loss while a ‘point’ rolled will keep its place. The shooter will win the point before sevens out, sometimes players will bet on a Don’t Pass bet but generally not often and merely only to intimidate other players.

The Come Line Bet and Don’t Come bets are made after a point is established and are the same as the Pass Line Bet and No Pass Line Bet. The advantage of a Come Bet is to gain another point with higher odds. Finally, the Odds Bet happens after a point is made and can be called out before the 7 is rolled.

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