Click the chips in Real Time Gaming’s version of Craps

This craps game will do as another ho-hum-baseline, generic depiction of where we’ve progressed from with other more progressive craps games of today. Other renditions provide a much more graphically and auditorially enhanced gaming experience than RTG’s Craps table game.
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Craps by Real Time Gaming is a craps, table game online that is a relatively simplistic craps depiction in regards to complexity in graphics, design and special features, but it will do if nothing better is accessible.

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Simply place a bet and continue to click on the chips to build on the table board. An interactive tutorial can be seen by clicking on the help button, but it’s unlikely you will need much of it considering how typical and baseline the game is. Use the remove button to change a bet by just clicking on the bet you want to remove.

Play craps with a simplistic rendition of what better craps games out there have to offer. It’s not what we’d coin one of RTG’s better game. No coins intended.
Let’s hear it for craps but other versions may be a bit more worthy of your time.