Standing room only at this exclusive Craps table, where you're the star player

Never before does a table game look like Chinese arithmetic, unless perhaps you like Sic Bo. Craps is not a risky game to play as long as you stick to the Pass Line wagers. It's pretty much the 50/50 chance to win, as is the red/black or even/odd bet in roulette. You lucky number to win may have you on a roll!
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Don't just stand there -- play some rounds of Craps to see if your luck is on!

Play that coin toss game in the back alley, or try your luck at this Craps table. Odds are that you might have better luck with more modest wins here the first time round. And not only that, if you're a first-time player you can even follow the tip arrow to placing potential wins.

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You see this game in nearly every movie about gambling or Las Vegas-themed film. For some reason the allure of the dice is just too much eye candy for anyone to pass up. Unless perhaps you're like James Bond who only likes Baccarat. Craps is an interesting game that uses strategy similar to roulette, only instead of the wheel, it's a pair of dice instead. Wager chip values from only a dollar per chip, although the maximum amount waged on this table appears to allow up to 1000 dollars...

On the right side of the table you can find the actual dice combos which pay higher for exact combinations landed. The left side features the field and the pass line and don't pass bar, as well as the buy-ins. In any event if you want to keep it conservative enough, the Pass Line is your safest bet at this table. Wager a dollar and if you win, you win a dollar. Simple enough. For experienced players, you'll know the more complicated setting and stakes of the game. Have fun!

Risky dice are better than playing chicken against an 18 wheeler on the open road. Craps is easily associated with controlled demolition: one bad bet and it all falls down.
Some like it hot, while others just like the excitement of Craps!