Roll the dice for hot wins with Craps table game

If you ever consider playing the luck of the dice there’s one game that keeps you guessing what lucky number will pop-up next. Craps table dice game is crazy fun once you start playing. Big wins on several betting odds to choose! Try it today in demo play.
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Craps table game brings-out Las Vegas hi-roller charm

There is one game that puts you in the middle of the casino excitement again and again. Craps is always the popular table in any respected casino. Here you can try the Craps table game to experience the same rush. Big winnings odds with several long shots too!

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Looking for the thrill of the real casino gaming tables? Now is the perfect time to try the Craps table dice game. The basics of the game are easy to understand. There are several bets that can be placed around this board.

The main bets being the Come and Pass Line bets. A come bet will pay 1:1 money if the number that is rolled is 7 or 11. Rules apply for this bet if it doesn’t turn up again. The Pass line bet pays 2:1 if 4 or 10 are rolled. Another is 3:2 for a 5 and 9, and finally, a 6:5 payout for a 6 or 8!

Among the several long shots you may choose, each bet applies the same odds to win based on the dice that come up. A more descriptive version can be found in the info button page too. Choose the chip denomination for each bet placed on the board.

Unlike roulette, this game is based on the constant numbers returning after each throw. Some rolls are considered lucky steaks and can win big amounts for those betting on the outcome of the dice combo. Check it out and see how fun it really is.

Craps online table game provides several bets with low stakes to choose from. What will the next roll of these lucky dice do for you?
Craps table game rounds put you at the table for hot dice rolling action!