This lazy jackpot gives as much as 15,000x the pay in Couch Potato!

Be more than the spud you might be and mash-up some mighty starchy wins in the 3-reel game of Couch Potato. It's helping out with some multiplier wilds that can easily fry-up a win worth up to 25x the combo when two are on a payline. Keep your wagers at three coins to earn the best wins offered.
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You won't get tired of these 3-reel Couch Potato spins at all

What's better than wasting time watching television these days? Microgaming might just have the answer with Couch Potato 3-reel slots. Not only is the jackpot worth a lumpy 15,000x for the top stakes played, these wild TV symbols also award multipliers for matching wins! Time to tune-in to Couch Potato slots today!

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Haven't you gotten tired of watching those talent shows that are rigged anyway? Sure it's not over until the fat lady sings, but why not try using your tired eyes to employ the use of this Couch Potato 3-reel slot. Now the best way to get the best reception from the Couch Potato is to make stakes from the choice of 3 coins that can be played. Each coin value may start with 5 cents a piece and grow in value to a total of a whole 5 dollars per coin. At a max value of 15 dollars per spin, this makes the jackpot of 15,000x that stake pretty impressive too!

As most Couch Potato people are used to, you may as well play it safe with mid-range stakes for an equal play altogether. Just make sure you have those 3 coins played for the better winning payouts offered. The TV symbol is acting as a wild symbol and also a multiplier too! Get one of these that completes a matching win and it pays 5x the amount, while two on a reel will pay 25x the pay.

Just before you decide to hash-brown some potentials in your 3-reel spins, keep those 3 coins plays going strong. These television wilds may point the way for bigger rewards altogether.
No spuds about it, this is one potato that grows plenty of wins.