Forget standard slots: Costume Party shows a new way to play

Costume Party really is a wonderful treat to play. This 3 reel slot contains just 3 paylines, but has a gameplay structure that is wholly unique and has never been seen before. Complete with a wild icon, this non-progressive classic slot carries a top jackpot of 5,400 coins.
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Costume Party video slot game – A wholly unique gameplay style

Now the Costume Party slot, that is simply amazing. This sensational and superb slot offers a wholly unique style of gameplay to other 3 reeled slots. Instead of reels, players much create costumes using articles of clothing from fancy dress supplies. The player wins when they create a complete outfit, as opposed to matching up symbols.

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Players can set their coin values to anything from 0.01 up to 5.00 per coin in this slot, and they can wager up to 3 coins per line. Overall, Costume Party is really cheap to play, with the minimum and maximum wagers ranging from 0.01 per line, per spin, up to 45.00 per spin, respectively.

This slot machine game been designed as a classic release, and so players will naturally not be expecting too many special features to be included. There is one however though, and that is a wild icon. This wild icon is the silver ape suit icon, which is holding a wild flag. This particular piece of clothing can substitute itself for any other piece of clothing that a player needs to complete a costume.

Gamers are simply going to love the way that this slot is played. It is most unusual, but at the same time, most welcoming. By attempting to break the boundary of what should normally be offered in a classic slot, the developers have created something which stands out and is quite possibly the brightest innovation in the classic slot arena for quite some time.
Costume Party online casino game: Superb and brilliant gameplay structure, a great idea, cheap to play with a fair jackpot and wilds -- not to mention Wonder Woman. One can never get too much Wonder Woman...