Cosmo Slots: Close Encounters of the Classic Slot Kind

Looking similar to a 3-reel slot that might be found in the Men In Black headquarters, the Cosmo Slots are certainly retro enough for this theme of classic slot games. Any two matching symbols wins something, while a combo of any symbol on a payline still wins 4 coins respectfully.
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Cosmo Slots -- 3-payline classic slot with 800 coin jackpot, No probing

Margaret, those little green men are backyard again! Once more these outer space party guys are out to crash the party in Cosmo Slots. Wrapped nicely as a 3-reel game, the object here is to spin out of control for the chances of a 600 coin jackpot. Far out, man!

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They came out from nowhere and took all the lawn gnomes with them, and no they're not from France! Cosmo Slots may prove to be the wackiest of 3-reels you'll see in a long time. Filled with classic symbols of the little green men, Flash Gordon-inspired rocket ships, and flying saucers. Yep, it's even allowing 10 cent spins too! 3 paylines can be used, although you have to keep pushing the line bets for just one or two lines played.

Max bet allows all three to be played immediately. The saucers are the top win that offers 3 different jackpots on each payline, go figure that three coins must be played to get to the 3rd line jackpot win. That's alien technology for you, always so complicated. If you land 3 of them on a payline you can win up to 400, 600, or even 800 coins on that line staked. Wagers include 10 cents, 50 cents, and 2 dollars per line waged. Good luck! 

Blast off into a infinite universe of eternal spins. There is a win counter, so you can keep track of your wins along the trip. There is even a chance of close encounters with a jackpot win!
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