Fight the reels with Conan the Barbarian, a new slot with special features

Slash skulls in a Skull Cave Bonus Round in Conan the Barbarian slot game where gold is waiting behind every powerful blow of Conan's sword.
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Brutal and buff - play the reels and crush skulls in the Cave Bonus Round

Muscle it out on the reels with Conan the Barbarian, a new slot by Cryptologic. Barbarous indeed! Conan the Barbarian slot game starts out with a gory battle with blood and swords lunging into bodies and severing limbs all by the brute force of one man, Conan the Barbarian.

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This new slot by Cryptologic has a special feature I’ve not yet seen on any other slot game, a speed button for players to determine the speed in which the reels turn for one. The fast speed stops the reels from even spinning at all and just goes from one screen shot to the next. The middle speed makes the reels go very fast and the slowest speed keeps the reels at their regular pace. This 5 reel 9 payliner has a Cave of Skulls Feature Game when 3 Conan scattered logos appear. At that time select skulls and watch as Conan slices the skulls apart from their chains and gold coins fall to the ground. If you choose a skull that is a trap the skull will come alive, laugh at you in a loud, frightening way and then blow up in a puff of black smoke along with all the other skulls and end the round. The other special feature is that there are 9 crazy jackpots for each payline, another feature I’ve not yet seen that if 5 Conan symbols appear on a selected payline then that line’s Crazy Jackpot amount will be won. Other symbols include a wizard, a naked black-haired girl on all fours looking like she’s barking at the moon, some kind of strange iced-over, walrus creature, a helmet and the first four poker run symbols. Also, Conan likes to cut himself on the reels with his own bloody sword, what a thrill. This slot is mediocre at best with two special features and violence to set it apart; otherwise, it is a run of the mill attempt for such a well-loved character.

Check out those muscles! It's Conan the Barbarian in Cryptologic's new slot and besides administering the rod of justice is handing out 9 crazy jackpots.
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