Nuts-and-bolts slot Cogmania bizarre beyond belief, jolly good fun

Cog Mania is a 12 payline video slot machine game, from 888 Gaming. This odd little title will see players who match three symbols have their symbols disappear and new ones replace them, in a collapsing reels kind of format. The top jackpot is 10,000x the coin bet size the player stakes.
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Cog Mania video slot game – With 12 paylines, collapsing "reels"

Never before has a slot machine game (if you could call it such) presented such a unique and yet bizarre way of gameplay. 888’s Cogmania is certainly that, with its factory setting, unclear paylines, and robot-like futuristic theme. Basically, the aim of the game is line up as many like symbols as possible, just as in any other slot, to win a fortune.

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A novelty slot, this 888-designed game has proven a success in the oddities section of the online gambling world. At its cheapest, Cog Mania is going to set players back a total of only 0.50 per spin. Gamers who fancy their chances of winning with big money at stake, can however wager up to a maximum bet of 50.00 per spin. Anything in-between is considered a standard bet.

There are a number of special features worked into this slot’s design. Players can trigger a bonus game, when the bonus bar is full. During the bonus round, players have the option of accepted a sum of money, which they might decide to gamble twice more, until a total of 3 offers have been made. If they choose to gamble for higher sums of money, players must accept the third offer. Wilds are also used in this game as substitute icons.

In order to get the bonus bar full, the player needs to increase their multipliers. This can be done when a player wins on a payline, and replacement symbols fall down. The more replacement wins a player bags, the higher the multiplier and the further the bonus bar is filled. When it is full, the bonus game commences. Once the bonus game is over, the bonus bar empties out, to be filled again with more replacement wins.
Cogmania: A wonderfully creative slot with plenty of majestic special features...