Solve the case of how to fill up your empty pocketbook playing Cluedo

Win up to 2250 in the ‘Who Won It?’ bonus in Cluedo 5 reel, 75 payline slot by triggering the ‘Who Won It’ logo symbol, 3 in all, or else win a max bet with 25,000 with 5 wild newspapers.
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Cluedo online slot game with 75 paylines and big bonus round

An unfortunate event has occurred. Was it Reverend Green with the candlestick? Was it Mrs. White with the rope? Or was it Professor Plum with the dagger? Maybe it was Miss Scarlet with the lead pipe or Colonel Mustard with the spanner or perhaps Mrs. Peacock with the revolver. Don’t point your finger claiming “Who done it?” ask instead, “Who Won It?”

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In the bonus round of Cluedo, pick a suspect, a weapon, and a room for bonus points and multipliers. Click start and the magnifying glass will cover one particular suspect, room and a weapon and tally it up for a total win. Either collect or try two other times. After the third try you will automatically win the last choice.

Five wild Cluedo symbols will win players a maximum bet of 75 credits and a total payout of 25,000 credits.
Bet between 1.00 and 10.00 on up to 75 paylines.