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It's the Microgaming Gold Series take on the all-time favorite casino table game -- and probably the most popular in the house after slots.
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It's exactly what it says: classic blackjack as produced as part of the Microgaming Gold Series of casino games. The standard game of 21 with regular options of double down, split, surrender and insurance in play.

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A primer on standard blackjack, then: The goal is to beat the dealer's hand by getting as close as possible to a value of 21 but not going over, i.e. "busting." Numbered cards are worth the value shown. Face cards are worth 10 and aces may be used to represent one or 11 points.

Place a wager to be dealt two cards face up. Dealer gets two cards, one face up and once face down. Blackjack, or ace plus a card of value 10 is "blackjack" and wins a payout of 3:2. If player doesn't have 21, he/she has the regular options: hit, stand, double down for one more card and twice the wager, split like cards to make two hands, surrender for less of a loss or take insurance for wins when dealer has blackjack.

Remember to always split 9s. Yes, it's counterintuitive to throw away an 18, but don't ever say LiveCasinoDirect didn't warn you...
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