Chinese Roulette with astrological signs will change your fate

Have a total change of scenery from the Chinese Roulette table game, where a spin of this roulette wheel may award your bets with excellent luck attached. Just like European roulette, this version adds a horoscope feeling to your lucky stars. What does your future offer here?
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Chinese Roulette casino game offers a chance at a spin of wealth

Your destiny is not too far off the path to riches. Pick your sign, season, or even choose the elements, this game is very similar to European Roulette in many ways. Bet big or small, if it hits your lucky number, celebrate with Chinese Roulette table game round wins.

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What would you bet that your astrology has something to do with the weather? In the game of Chinese Roulette the rules are nearly the same as European roulette, with slight modifications. Choose a chip size which allows 25 cents up to 100 dollars per bet.

Placements on the board are shown as Animal horoscope characters, elemental icons, and season symbols. You also have the ever-popular hi or low which in this game is shown as positive and negative. Placement of chips depend on where they can be placed, as split bets and corner bets are also allowed. An 8 split win pays the top 35-1, whereas odd and even (positive and negative) pay even money.

Where the ball lands is the final say for each round played. If you enjoy roulette, this version is a refreshing variation of the theme with a a little bit of Chinese luck attached. Enjoy.

Chinese roulette table game action with plenty of bonus plays. Pick some lucky symbols to win on this unique wheel.
Chinese Roulette with just a hint of European Roulette wheel action!