Be sure to have a good sense of winning - Chicken Little slot!

Make sure the sly foy doesn't out-smart you this time when you go running wild on these reels. It's kinda hard to not win at this game since the payout of 15 grand in prize money is nearly enough to ruffle feathers of your closest friends who might think you won the lotto.
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Chicken Little - online classic slot machine by Rival with multiplier

Not everyone knows the story of Chicken Little these days but for those of you who know not to Cry Wolf the story is really the same version told over and over. Don't be an egg-head and think the end of the world is nigh, though you can rack-up some impressive doomsday sized wins in this classic slot!

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Chicken Little got knocked with an acorn on his head and thought the sky was falling. He led his friends to follow and soon got suckered by a sly wolf who knew a good chance was to take all he could get from this group of dopes. Well, here is your chance to work this classic slot the same way. It's pretty easy to win at this game even if you like fruit slots, this one is no ordinary coin-juicer. You can win up to 15 grand plus and some imressive extras as well when you play. There is just one wild symbol in this game and it's the title character Chicken Little. Get 3 of these icons and win a 1000 coin return. For just 3 coins, imagine the payout for this fuzzy yellow birdbrain. Sadly there's no bonus game, scatters, or even free spins. There are multipliers that are easily marked with double and triple wins for each so this adds-up the winning paybacks quick enough.

Group activites are always the best way to go. In this classic slot the 3 wheel action never stops on a dime but for each spin being a buck, it's surely the easy street to bigger wins!
Don't get egg on your face when you make the money omelette!