Chain Reactor Super Trails knows the way to match big wins

Get ready and place your bets, and let those symbols drop on down. Now just look for the right winning combination! Match five or more matching symbols lined-up either horizontally and/or vertically to win a big cash payout. Lots of options within the game like bonus games and progressive jackpots too!
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Chain Reactor Super Trails - Casino Game by OpenBet

If you liked the original Chain Reactors game then this version will have you taking you reactions to the limits! Filled with new variations of the older version, plus 3 different bonus rounds: Bomb Trail, Flame Trail and Free Falls.  Plus the progressive jackpot too. This is really a super trail to travel on down to!

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It’s easy to play, to start just click the ’bet’ button. Then start your dropping. For extra fun you might try the auto play button if you want to see some serious chain reactions happen. To win you have to match five, or more, matching symbols lined-up either horizontally or vertically. Five, or more, lined-up symbols connected either horizontally or vertically are called a cluster. You might even get more than one cluster in a single game and then your payouts will grow depending on the number of matching symbols you have all together. Also, the different symbols have separate paying values. When the symbol drop stops, any wins will light-up. When every symbol related to each other in a lineforms a winning combo, they will quickly disappear, allowing more symbols from above to fall into the empty spaces left behind, possibly creating more wins from just a single play.

How crazy can a game get? With Chain Reactor Super Trails you’ll find lots of crazy combos that start to add up when you see them all make some explosive reactions!
Get into the Chain Reaction with lots of winning action.