In this game you’ll know how to win in Casino War

Who will win in this war, is your card strong enough to beat the dealer, double or nothing when you have to go to war and in this game you take no prisoners. Play up to 5 hands to show the dealer who is boss for an all-out War of cards!
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Casino war - online table game at the virtual casino by NXY Interactive

This is such a great game to play, especially if you like the aspect of the game rules. Place your bets and you have your deal. If your hand wins over the dealer then you get the payout but lookout if it’s a tie then its time to go to war!

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Played with a simple 52 card deck with a total of 6 decks in the stack. Place your wager and get a card, the dealer deals their card. If your is higher in value (the ace is high) but the others face cards are all equal values, then you win over the dealer. When the cards between the dealer and the player you can either surrender your hand and give up half of the bet you placed or decide to go onto the war round. It’s that simple.  Once you go to war you have to place a bet that is the same or higher when you started the game. After the next card hand if you win higher against the dealer then the original bet is the (push) or an even bet but still gets the payout raise on the new bet placed. Therefore the bet place of double will pay out only half if you win, if you lose it goes back to the dealer.

Aces are flying high in the war of bustable numbers, get the dealer on their knees and tell them who no to fight with. You’ve got to win at this wild card game.
War is hell but you gotta love the way it works.