High or low card wins in Casino Wars table game rounds

Casino Wars table game rounds are worth the fight for winning against this electronic dealer. Every win earns 1:1 pay for the prize win. Tie wins offer 10:1 for going to war. Have a strong stomach and find the time to fight for your big wins.
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Casino Wars table game goes to war to win bigger chip potential

Ready to go to war? There’s only one way to do it correctly and it’s time to win bigger. Casino Wars table game is a simple high/low card game. Your card can hit the warpath for any tie bet that reaches a stand-off. Come and declare war on this dealer!

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Just like the child memories that made War such a big hit. All you need to win is to have the higher card. Place stakes of amounts as low as 10 cents per round. Play for the larger wins with up to 100 bucks per max ante.

If you decide to declare war you’ll need to make an extra bet for the tie match. In this case that risk is simple enough at lower stakes used. Higher card in your hand wins every time with a return of even money earned. The tie bet wager is lost in that case, since no challenge is wagered.

When there is a tie you will have an offer to accept or deny. Three cards go to the dealer and you’ll get just one. Win that round and the bonus chip offered is awarded as well. Higher stakes can bring around the ultimate in winning potential. This game is played best at easy low stakes for a whole night of War play! Good luck.

Casino Wars online table game is super easy 50/50 chances to win. Go to war on the tie bet and earn better results for being the king of the table.
Casino Wars online table game offers bigger payout when tie bets send you to war!