I declare war -- but in the online casino kinda way

The classic game of war was never better than in the online casino context: Line up your cards with the dealers and engage in civilized combat.
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An old favorite card game - Casino War - for a victory win at the virtual casino!

It's the greatest card game of all-time in online casino form! Flip cards over and over and try to beat the dealer's offering. The only thing missing is the chance to throw the whole deck at your brother when he beats you.

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Essentially the same as the kids' card game, except with opportunities to wager and win. First place a bet on the next game; you can also place an additional bet on a tied outcome which pays at 10x the bet.

Once you've finished wagering, hit DEAL near the center at the bottom of the display. Player and dealer will each get one card face up; higher card wins. In cases of the same denomination card, there will be a "war" in which another card is flipped up. Winner of this faceoff takes all the cards in play for that turn.

God, i love the smell of internet casino bonuses in the morning!
War: What is it good for? Online casino hijinks, for sure!