Casino Stud Poker, You won’t find a table poker game

Casino Stud Poker is one of the most basic online poker games that you will find. It is basically a simplistic version of 5 Card Stud poker, although without any complications of any kind.
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Want to play the simplest poker game? Try Casino Stud Poker

Casino Stud Poker is loosely based on standard Stud poker, although is actually offers a jackpot to be won. That jackpot will be viewable above the table, in the form of a digital box. Obviously on the demo game, you won’t see how much it is worth. If you are only slightly experienced at poker, you should find Casino Stud Poker to be a breeze, relatively speaking that is.

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To begin with, players must first place a bet. You’ll have chips that are worth 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00 and 100.00 values to do that with. Place your bet in the Ante circle. If you wish to play the jackpot game, you need to make a side-bet in the jackpot spot.

Both the player and the dealer will get five cards. Players must then decide to either call or fold. Fold and you’re out, call and you must place a bet equal to or double your Ante bet. After that, the best 5-card hand wins. What could be simpler, really? It is important to note that the dealer must have an Ace and King or better, in order to qualify for the hand.

The jackpot side game is generally a bad bet to go with. You have such small chance of pulling it off, that it can see you lose a lot if you fold successive hands. Casino Stud Poker has a pay-out percentage of roughly 95%, which is certainly not bad for a small time table poker game.
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