One of the simplest Casino Hold ‘em table games on the market

Net Entertainment’s Casino Hold ‘em is about as basic as you can get with this card game. A wonderful table game ideal for one on one action against the dealer, the biggest win a player can hope to acquire is the 100 to 1 payout that a Royal Flush brings. The dealer has to qualify for each hand, and it will do so with a pair of 4s or better.
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Casino Hold ‘em table game – NetEnt offers good honest poker gameplay

You can’t really get a better looking, standard Casino Hold ‘em game than Net Entertainment’s appropriately named game. Net Ent’s Casino Hold ’em is played according to typical and classic hold ‘em rules, and is set against a table of stunning 3D rendering. Truth be told, there isn’t that much that is complicated to understand in this Hold ‘em game, and provided you know the rules of hold ‘em poker, there isn’t much to learn.

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Gamers wanting to give Casino Hold ‘em a try will be thrilled to learn that there is a big wagering range in this game. Chips vary from 1, 5 or 10 in value. However, the minimum wager is only 1.00 a hand, whilst the maximum stake that can be placed is 100.00 per hand.

This Casino Hold ‘em game follows traditional hold ‘em rules. The player has call and ante spots to fill, though they can also play the AA (a pair of aces of better) bonus game if they wish. Using classic poker hands is the job of the player to use the flop to beat the dealer’s hand. If they do, they will win a payout according to the table on the left hand side of the table.

Unlike other NetEnt table games, there are no additional modes to play in this game, just standard play. Payouts in this table game include 1-1 for a Straight or less, 2-1 for a Flush, 3-1 for a Full House, 10-1 for a Four of a Kind, whilst a Straight Flush and Royal Flush are paid out at 20-1 and 100-1 respectively. The AA bonus payouts include 7-1 from a Pair of Aces to a Straight, and 25-1 for a Flush or higher.
Single-mode casino hold ‘em action, but hard to pocket a big win...