Get the taste of real poker thrills in this western-style of Casino Hold-Em

Just like the old westen movies always had those smoke-filled poker games with rough and tough characters, this game won’t muscle you out of finer feelings when you chip-in your Ante and go for the 5 card wins. Don’t stop shooting ’til you see the whites of their eyes in this jaw-dropping poker game.
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Casino Hold Em - online classic poker game by NYX

If you are familiar with a little rowdy game called Texas Hold ’Em, this is a great game to live that good-old-boy feeling of poker all over again. Raise, hold or fold as well as play your best holding hand in this game as well.

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You get the chance to make merly 3 bets in this rousing game of the classic Texas Hold ’Em poker version. First is your Ante which is the only bet that starts the game just like in the real tables. Then you have the regular bet that is called the (Raise) and then also a AA bet which can be used just for the wager that deals only with how strong your card hand is measured up from the cards dealt to you. After you get five cards, you can see what’s in your hand. If the dealer has a stronger hand than you, you might have to fold but depending on the side bet of: AA you will get a payout in relation to the cards held. The Ante plus the AA bet are included in that payout but you lose the original bet placed. If you have a hand stronger than the dealer then you keep the Ante and the Bet is based on the chart payout for your hand.

Ante up and bet the farm in this homegrown classic version of Poker. You have to know that this game is never the gambler’s gulch of losses so the feeling of a winning hand is never a dull one.
No guns allowed at this table when you’re shooting 5 cards