Looking to win double in the game of Keno? Play Cash King Keno

Looks like the game of Keno has taken-on some very serious rules when it comes to double the fun. The game of Cash King Keno isn't harder to play, although the payoff in this version can be worth double your stakes played. Come and get more for your money when those numbers finally hit.
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Finally a chance to double up the cash incentives in online keno...

Why settle for the average win, not that winning isn't doesn't make the grade. With Cash King Keno you can increase your winning potential to double the money. A totally new way to play keno with even higher stakes you can play in order to take it all the way to the bank.

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Just because the balls here are random doesn't mean you can't guess  which ones might come up. That's the brilliant idea behind the game of Keno. When playing the game of Cash King Keno, you'll enjoy an extra special bonus if you activate the little button at the lower-left corner. The same stakes as you would normally play range from a few pennies per number played up to a total of 10 across the board itself.

With 80 numbers to pick from you might breath easier knowing that only 20 balls are chosen to drop on each round. When you hit a win it shows-up on the tally board. In the double-up game you'll see the win doubled. Even a chance to win some very impressive returns are possible. Have a blast when you let these balls drop. For some auto play fun you can even set-up several rounds which play out each round by itself. Either way you might just get the drop on these winning numbers after all.

Does luck really stand a chance at double the fun odds to win? Try your luck at the demo game and see if you like the results it creates. You could be the next Cash King of Keno today!
Cash King Keno online casino game: Match all ten numbers here, and you could be in the money!