Win up to 1600-coins jackpot in the Cash Crazy classic slot game

Make more money by inventing a way to earn it easier. Play the Cash Crazy classic slot for simple fun or for real cash play. Wild symbols help make better matches while any win can add up the collective plays. A top jackpot here is worth 1600x the stake on a 2-coin play.
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Cash Crazy classic slot: Wacky, inventive spins are totally gonzo

How crazy do you like to make your classic slot spins? In this Cash Crazy slot game, you don't play for pennies since the cheapest coin here is 50 cents to start. On a two coin play you may win up to 1600x the stake on the jackpot strike. Is that crazy enough for you?

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This mad inventor decided to create the ultimate classic slot that includes time travel while you spin. How does it work exactly, well if you start playing time can slip away and you might find yourself in the future with a possible fortune as well.

The Cash Crazy 3-reel doesn't always promise the big jackpot, though any two coin play can increase the odds of winning better payout when it does hit a winning combo. Additional Wild symbols have been added to the game to help with any kind of win.

This symbol is the Mad Scientist who looks more like the guy from Kentucky Fired Chicken. Make no mistake, this symbol is so good at making substitutes, it can award 2x when just one shows up with two extra matched symbols from the reels.

When two are landed it will pay an automatic 4x win. It has to be on the payline otherwise it will not be counted, you'll know either way when it hits! When all three hit, if you play the 2 coin stake it can win up to 1600x the wager you've placed.

You might think about being a mad scientist as well and invent a way to make these machines pay out all the time. Oh well, we can still dream can't we?
Cash Crazy classic slot: These reels won't drive you nuts, they'll have you spinning like mad!