A bit more cash, bang and wallop needed in the slot

How can a player not win on every spin when some 118,700 “paylines” exist? That’s the metaphysical question posed by the Cash! Bang! Wallop! online slot game with its “honeycomb” and its high-variance teasing.
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Cash! Bang! Wallop! – Honeycomb game with 118,700 paylines

By the game’s name and the exciting theme of fireworks, plus use of the interesting “honeycomb” format on which nearly 119,000 paylines sit, the implication is that players will get some serious adrenaline-pumping action out of Cash! Bang! Wallop! Alas, the end result is decidedly unamazing – and quite stingy, too, it seems.

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Of primary note in the Cash! Bang! Wallop online slot game is the honeycomb-style grid on which the game is played. Gone are traditional paylines in favor of the format, which allows any adjacent matching symbols to count as a win.

The theme here is fireworks, with low-paying symbols are that familiar ace-to-10 poker run. Promised is the possibility that the goofy “Sparky McFlame” character will appear on the reels after any spin to set one or more symbols alight. The higher-paying symbols can “explode” to cause chain reactors turning other symbols into extra wilds. After winning combinations are replaced, the paying symbols will drop out and more “explosions” may result. Unfortunately, in our experience, this happens well too infrequently.

The “Firework Win Streak Bonus” round occurs when three of more of the bonus symbols land on a single spin. Five fireworks are rewarded for each such symbol involved in the win; Sparky comes in to set the fireworks alight and subsequently turn symbols wild.

Most Americans experience fireworks twice a year – and seriously, that’s about how frequently the truly big wins seem to come in the Cash! Bang! Wallop! slot game. Are there really 118,700 potential winning combinations here? We’re taking the designer’s word for it...
Shooting off the fireworks at the online casino in the Cash! Bang! Wallop! online slot game…