An unorthodox and unusual Caribbean Stud Poker game

Cryptologic doesn’t seem to have put forth the effort in the graphical design phase of this release. It all comes down to those ante boxes; they just don’t look like they belong. Still, a massive progressive jackpot can be won by acquiring a Royal Flush, provided that you have the side bet activated. Now that’s not too hard to achieve now, is it?
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The Caribbean Stud Poker game by Cryptologic – Barmy, card madness in a nutshell...

Cryptologic’s Caribbean Stud Poker is somewhat cheesy in its design. Cartoony boxes are spaced about the centre of the gaming table, and look as though they have just been superimposed on what would be an otherwise impressive gaming interface. Never mind though, because there are some likeable qualities with this Cryptologic game, like the ability to win a progressive jackpot side bet.

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Players have got a small range of betting options open to them when they want to play Cryptologic’s Caribbean Stud Poker. The minimum stake that they are permitted to lay down is 1.00 per hand. Gamers who fancy their chances a little more are encouraged to wager as much as 50.00 per hand, but they won’t be able to go higher than that.

Playing the progressive jackpot side game will cost an additional stake per game. The amount the progressive jackpot is currently worth will be rolling in the top right hand corner, it is hard to get an exact figure when the game is in session, but you’ll be able to see the ballpark figure. There are also five seats that can wagered on in Cryptologic’s Caribbean Stud Poker.

Winning the progressive jackpot by acquiring a Royal Flush might seem impossible; it is only a near impossible hand to obtain (if you ask most people). Still, it could happen, and your chances of bagging it aren’t much different than picking up all the wild cards on a slot game on the central wheel. So why not give it a go? Caribbean Stud Poker is also about luck and not entirely about skill, so keep that mind when playing!
Bad graphics ruin an otherwise decent attempt at Caribbean Stud Poker online...