Slightly spicy hands to play in Caribbean Stud 50¢ to $5 game

The cards you get are what you can play in this game of Caribbean Stud 0,5-5 video poker. Not that you want to risk your Ante, you can either play it through or chance the amount for anything better than the dealer. Play between low stakes or just play for fun, you'll be the judge later.
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Caribbean Stud 50¢ to $5 -- Includes jackpot side bet

Kind of dull and a bit over-rated is one way to describe this version of the Caribbean Poker 0,5-5 video poker slot. One problem being that every hand is more a crap shoot to win. While the top stakes Royal Flush payout 200:1, just getting a win is trickier than expected.

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A very different kind of poker game is played when you can see what kind of odds to win are at your hand. Starting the Caribbean Stud 0,5-5 poker game is easy enough to see. With bets of 50 cents up through 5 bucks per hand, the hand played is either dropped for a new hand or wagered further to risk it all. The dealer however must have a King and an Ace to win and/or otherwise judged for the payout. Your first five cards are dealt face-up while you can only see one card on the dealer's 5th card showing.

A smart box indicator will tell you if you have something or not, chance it with a bet or lose the round. Only on real play do you get the jackpot bet. The counter shows the amount that can be won from that box. Usually any pair pays even money while a Royal Flush pays a whopping 200:1. The jackpot bet pays for the Royal Flush win is 100%, and 10% goes to the Straight Flush win. If you're dead-set on risk, this is one game that offers it best.

Can you manage to steal these hands of video poker with a pair or better? No more fooling around, either Ante-up or drop out for the next big hand.
Caribbean Stud 50¢ to $5: Not every hand in this version of the classic casino table game wins though when it does, lookout!