Higher stakes up to $40 per hand in Caribbean Poker variation

Luckily for these stakes involved, the best part of Caribbean Stud 1-40 video poker would have to be the choice whether to continue or follow through on the bet. Sure enough, you might win if you can see if you have a pair or better. Your risk may pay-off in the long run.
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Caribbean Poker $1 to $40 -- Includes jackpot-payout side bet stake

Look for the higher stakes to win with the Caribbean Stud 1-40 poker slot game. Winning against the dealer wins even money on the ante plus the bets back if the dealer hand is not a King and an Ace on the high cards. If you like high stakes, try it for fun!

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Unlike any other video poker hand you might have ever played, the Caribbean Stud 1-40 video poker game isn't  as hard as you think it is. Slightly slow for play with the cards that are dealt, you can see immediately what you have. They're arranged by suit and have an extra indicator that tells you what the chances are by showing the combination right away. Stake between 1 dollar up to 40 per hand for the Ante alone. When your cards are dealt you will have to continue or fold depending on the hand you've been given.

The Dealer card has their 5th card showing which can either tell you further what odds there are to win or lose. It the dealer has a King and an Ace in the hand the hand is evaluated for the overall win, if not it's even money won. All real wagers can allow the jackpot bet which increases any win that is won however a loss is still a loss. 

Give this poker game a try just for the demo play, the mid-roller stakes give a fun dash of Caribbean flavor with the high stakes risk on any hands you play.
Add a dash of lime and coconut to your Caribbean poker rounds!