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Caribbean Poker is a take on the traditional real-life casino table game and features a progressive jackpot payout should the lucky player be dealt a royal flush.
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Caribbean Poker – Five-card stud poker table game at online casinos

This version of the casino poker game favorite, Caribbean stud, is done well, a fun play to put against any other design. Hit a royal flush to win a progressive jackpot, or take 10% with a straight flush.

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The rules in Caribbean Poker are essentially the same as any other Caribbean stud offering: It’s basically five-card stud poker against the house.

The player may begin play by making up to two wagers. The “ante” of the player’s choosing must be made, while the “jackpot bet” side wager may be played for $1. Player and virtual dealer each receive five cards, with one of the latter’s shown face up. After considering his/her cards, the dealer may choose to “fold”, thereby forfeiting any wagers made to the house, or “raise” to face off against the dealer’s hand; players should note that the raise in Caribbean Poker is 2x the ante. After this, the highest hand wins.

The dealer qualifies on A-K or higher; if the dealer doesn’t qualify, the raise bet is deemed a “push” while the ante is paid out at 2x. The “jackpot bet” side wager pays out at 50x for a flush, 100x for a full house; and 500x for four of a kind. A royal flush wins the accumulated progressive jackpot payout, whereas a straight flush is worth 10% of the jackpot pool.

Caribbean Poker, a.k.a. Caribbean Stud, is a casino game with rules derived from those of five-card stud poker. The game originated in the Caribbean islands, soon spreading to American and European casinos. As opposed to standard poker games, Caribbean stud is played against the house, with the main objective besting the dealer’s hand with one of higher rank.
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