Predict the next card to win big money in Card Sharks casino game

Card Sharks is an instant win, fixed odds game that closely resembles hi-lo. This particular release also contains a bonus round, which players can trigger if they wish. There is a top jackpot of 5,000 coins to be won in this game.
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Card Sharks – Turn over the next card to reveal a potential fortune

Card Sharks is a very simple instant win game, which revolves around fixed odds and invites players to predict on a series of cards. As the title would imply, there is a very shark orientated theme to this title, as well as cards of course. The graphics used are of a lesser quality than many other games from the same developer, though suitable for this type of title.

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In order to play Card Sharks, players must choose wagers that range from 0.10, up to the maximum stake of a whopping 250.00 per game.

One the player has their bet staked, the first card is turned over. The player must then guess whether the next card in the sequence will be higher or lower than the previous card. They can also bet on whether the card will be a heart, diamond, club or spade, or either red or black. Aces are low in this game, and players can choose to wager on a bonus game too. If the player ties a card, then play continues. The game ends when all five cards have been turned over. If the player predicts incorrectly at any time, then they lose.

If the bonus game is turned on, it costs 1.00. The bonus game is only active when all five cards have been revealed. If a player lands a poker hand will all 5 of their cards, they will be paid out from the table to the right of the screen for the respective hand. The jackpot can only be won with a Royal Flush, and of course, the bonus game turned on.
Card Sharks: A hi-lo style instant win game, with a jackpot bonus game included...