Drop by the club today to ply some rounds of Caddy Scratch

Ever think you could be a real pro golfer, this game is even better odds of wining the ultimate prizes simply by picking your wins and seeing what you have won. Don’t spend hours swinging your putter around on some expensive golf course when you can enjoy the taste of victory form your own home.
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Caddy Scratch - scratch card based on golfing by OpenBet

Golf is never a boring game since they invented a better way to get a hole in one. With this clever scratcher game designed to get the most out of playing the fields, it also saves years of paying for golf lessons. The best part is you don’t need to pay anything extra to get into this exclusive club to win.

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Start with getting your gear together, no need for speical equipment or instructions that keep you shaking your head in dismay. It’s simple. Set the betting amount you want to play and start clicking the images to see what is going to pop-up from under the green grass symbol. You’ll never know what is hidden under there but for sure if you match 3 symbols on the card, then it’s a sure win. Whatevery you waged then that’s your prize you get multilplied by that amount. Super-easy and fun to. For even faster results in the lightning round button ’Reveal All’ you can skip the question in your head, Did I win. Make this your all-time sporting event for better odds at the winners prizes, as you make some golfing wins of your own. No need to tip your Caddy either, in this game- it’s winner takes all in this game!

Fast plays with instant results in this great golfing classic and no experience required for being a big cash winner at all. Set the bet and start winning today!
You’ll never lose your balls when you play this golfing game.