Board game + online scratch card = Bunny Boiler Gold

In an original casino game, Bunny Boiler Gold combines aspects of the traditional board game and online scratch cards to produce a fun little diversion.
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Bunny boiler gold

A sort of virtual board game that's often labeled an online scratch card, Bunny Boiler is a cute alternative casino game that'll have you nostalgic for Candyland and the like. Maneuver the rabbit through a field with fortuitous dice rolls for big prizes.

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First choose your wager, between $2 and $10 per game. Roll the dice by clicking on ROLL DICE (that really should be "roll die," but whatever). The bunny will then move around the board the number of spaces indicated on the die.

If the bunny lands on a carrot, great! If the bunny lands on a target symbol, he will move forward to the next symbol. Randomly deposited "golden carrots" enter the player into the bonus round. If the bunny lands on a "death square," the game may end with that roll, otherwise the player gets six rolls of the die.

Payout is based on how far the bunny gets 'round the board. Completing the maze wins a jackpot of 100 to 5,000 times the bet.

Guide your sweet little bunny around the maze for big payouts -- and it's okay if you laugh at the dastardly deaths this game has cooked up for its big-eared hero.
Mmmmm, carrots...