To pop or not to pop – where not popping is simply out of the question

It's highly addictive, it's perfect for the obsessive-compulsive, Bubbles Instant Win Game by Net Entertainment, where the biggest bubble to pop is worth €50 000.
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Spring is almost here for those who are feeling optimistic so give Bubbles™ instant win game a try. It’s a cute game with ladybugs and daisies, rainbows and gold coins. Even the music is cute and upbeat. Pop 3 gold coins out of the various colored bubbles wafting through the air with six chances to pop the right ones. Win up to €50 000 but don’t pop a black skull and cross bones coin, they are worth nada.

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Choose the color of your tack: red, green or blue and then get popping! Either pop the bubble of the potential win to find out what is at stake before you go for the bubbles or else pop the bubbles first. Play in auto pick mode or prick each bubble as the mood hits you.

Feeling a little light on your toes? Why not try Bubbles™ instant win game by Net Entertainment for up to €50 000 to take that feeling even higher.
It's a lah-lah land instant kinda win game, where even an airhead can beat the pros..