Bowled Over - Now that's cricket

In Bowled Over, the theme is not Lebowski's game but rather cricket instead of tenpins. No matter, just remember it's not Vietnam and there are rules.
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Hit the wicket to win in Bowled Over cricket sports game online card

Bowled Over is an online scratch card game that's actually two games in one. First match three symbols to determine your multiplier; then click to pick an animation which determines your win on that multiplier.

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This cricket-themed online scratch card employs two classic modes to make for one game. In the first, there are six panels with hidden multiplier figures. Scratch away three identical figures and that's your bonus multiplier on a win. In the second round, click to see a brief cricket animation which shows whether you've won or lost the bonus multiplier indicated.

It's another online scratch card game for you to try. Play two rounds of action and prepare to knock a straight six into the pavilion!
Cricket + scratch cards = Bowled Over