Book of Pharaon is beauty without the brains and bonus features

With 5 reels and 50 betting lines I was hoping there would be some opportunity to bet some real money. But with a maximum bet of 100 Euro per line, I was highly mistaken.
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If you want just the basics, Book of Pharaon is the slot machine for you

Ever wonder why software companies waste their time with quality graphics, good sound but an almost featureless game?  I have no idea, but if you want an example of this Book of Pharaon is the place to go.  With crisp subtle colors and lots of flashing numbers at the bottom of the page, I was expecting a journey into ancient Egypt and the pyramids, but what I got in return was a one way ticket to a Potemkin village.  In a span of 10 minutes my interest had waned and I was searching for something a bit more stimulating.

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With acceptable multiples providing a little solace, there was little else to get my blood flowing.  With the wild card substituting for all symbols except the free spins, I was starting to see some opportunity.  Again, I was mistaken!  No bonus features, no progressive jackpots and nothing to keep me at this game for more than a few minutes.

Book of Pharaon as you might have deduced is one of those games which will be left at the bottom of the pyramid with all the other lost treasures. With technology where it is, I am somewhat confused as to why they couldn't do just a little bit better with the features.
I guess the theory that “if it isn't broke, then why fix it” holds true to this game.