There's always a hot hand happening in Bonus Deuces Wild Poker!

Right from the start, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker has plenty of good deals waiting for you! The autoplay mode is quick and easy: Four play settings in the normal mode can be set for slowpokes to speed demons.
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Double you chances to win or bet the farm in Bonus Deuces.

Now here's an exciting game that not only challenges the typical video poker games, you can get quite wild here. In fact the name of this slot is Bonus Deuces Wild Poker. Play at the standard wager levels and even try to double your winnings if you feel wild enough! You can also win up to 5000 coins in this jackpot with a Royal Flush too!

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Let's start with the basics of Bonus Deuces Wild Poker. The selection of player levels is easy enough since there is four of them to select. Slow, medium, fast, and super-fast! Better players can select the expert mode where you get instant stat analysis about your game, auto-play, and even hints for playing better. How about that! Betting ranges start with a nominal 25 cents and can be raises up to 25 bucks per round.
Without having to scratch your head about how this game works it's really simple. Place a bet and wait for you cards to be dealt after pushing the deal button. Select which you want to hold and press deal again. The outcome is simple enough, if you have anything that pays from the pay-table it will tell you! Unless perhaps you use the autoplay mode. This is a faster strategy which selects the best possible outcome for the cards, and pretty much does the thinking for you. Even temp fate with a double-up bet after each win. Whatever style you like, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker is always on the wild side!

Watch-out for the double-up option. Not only can you lose you winnings, it might be addictive to see double the money won if you do win in this game.
With a top jackpot win of 5000 coins, why not go wild?