Wild deuces make video poker more fun!

Bonus Deuces Wild poker is exactly what the name implies: Good old video poker with all four 2s wild. The minimum winning hand is three of a kind and the paytable shows huge payouts for five of a kind.
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Bonus deuces wild - poker

It's video poker with deuces wild, a good variation on the traditional game -- just remember the new paytable which rewards only three of a kind and up. (And with some special payments on winning hands with wild cards.)

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As in traditional video poker, the object is to make the best possible five-card poker hand. The dealer is dealt five cards and may discard/draw between zero to five cards to improve the hand.

In Bonus Deuces Wild Poker, all hands of three of a kind or better win a payout. In Bonus Deuces Wild, payouts are increased on Five of a Kinds, Four Deuces plus an Ace, Straight Flushes, Full Houses, and regular Flushes. Plus,  five aces, 3s, 4s, or 5s offer much larger payouts than other hands.

Review up on your video poker strategy and add in a whole lot of wild factors with four 2s acting as jokers.
Bonus Deuces Wild brings the extra wilds -- and wild hands