Bonus Bowling Arcade game, an online retro bowling experience

You may be missing the juke box and the junk food but you can still bowl online with Playtech’s Bonus Bowling Arcade Game with a win up to $1000 just for two rolls of the ball.
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Sleek graphics and sound, Bonus Bowling instant game

This could have been a good game if players had some control over the spin of the ball and if they’d extended it to 3 rolls, but Bonus Bowling by Playtech generates the throw and only 2. Bet up to $100 on a single bet or bet $100 on each bet: hi-low numbers, a spare or a strike. Win up to $1000.

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Make up to a $100 bet on each bet or as low of a bet as 10c while playing Bonus Bowling Arcade game. The animation is good and the varied bets make the game more interesting. Click the throw button and receive two rolls to knock down the pins you’ve bet on. An animated TV screen above the betting table shows bets made and wins won.

Playtech’s Bonus Bowling Arcade Game is enjoyable with the sounds of bowling balls rolling down their lanes and cracking pins down for casino rewards.
Win up to $1000 for just throwing two bowling balls down the fast lane and one can even be a gutter ball.