Play all the night through with Super Fun 21 at your side

Thought that Blackjack was a boring old mans game? In this wild version you’ll see how you can split matching cards dealt for some real fun all through your game. Raise your odds and wins just to bust the dealers hand. Play like a real professional with this version that can give some double betting wins as well.
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Super Fun 21 - blackjack casino card game by OpenBet

If blackjack is fun then you’ll love this version of 21. In this wicked game you’ll find that you can split matching cards dealt to make some real fun within your game. Increase your odds and winnings simply by trying to bust the dealers card hand. Hit, Stand, or Fold but you always have super fun each hand you play.

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The rules are pretty simple to follow with each game starting with the typical bet for the first hand. You are dealt 2 cards and the dealer gets two. One is face up the other is face down. If the dealer has an ace face up you can start with an insurance on the game. If you don’t have a 21 in your hand already then you can place this insurance that the dealer may have a 21 already. The bet allows you to regain half of your original pot bet so the loss is lower if they end up having the higher hand than you do.You can also split matching cards for a second hand that can increase the chances of your hands held for twice the odds against the dealer. Just before being dealt a new card if you are under 21 you can double the bet before the card is placed. The same applies for any split that is played as well. It’s great blackjack action and super fun winning at this game.

Get into the daring double-downs and split for some big wins over the dealer with this Super Fun Blackjack game and be hooked on 21 all over again.
Go for the seriously-silly Super Fun 21 wins!