Table gaming + scratch cards = Blackjack Scratch

Playtech unleashes Blackjack Scratch, a scratch card-style game based on blackjack. Beat the dealer's hand with one of your three to win up to $100,000 in a single play.
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Blackjack Scratch

Is it a blackjack-y scratch card or a scratch cardy blackjack game? You be the judge in Playtech's compelling Blackjack Scratch -- a top win of $100,000 is possible instantly.

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Choose your bet, between a minimum 50¢ and a maximum $10. Three two-card hands will be dealt to the player and one to the "dealer." Press scratch to reveal the facedown card in each hand or hit SCRATCH ALL to see all four hands. Highest-scoring hand by traditional blackjack rules wins.

If one of the highest hands is the player's, he/she wins the amount indicated underneath the winning hand.

Three versus one seems like pretty good odds, except you can't hit -- and the dealer can't bust!
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